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Loox Reviews Exporter Chrome Extension

Loox Reviews Exporter is a handy Chrome extension that allows you to easily export all customer reviews from Loox product pages.

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Makes review export a breeze

No coding knowledge required, it offers a simple and quick loox review exporting solution.

✨ Features

We provide many features you can use.

Privacy Guaranteed

All data is processed and managed locally on your device, and no personal information is stored externally.

Works Anywhere

The plugin seamlessly integrates into the official website's UI through a browser extension, currently supported on all PC platforms including Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Easy To Use

After installing, you can collect all the reviews on the current page to your local device with just one click.

Core Features

Automatic Import of Loox Review History

Automatic Import

One-click scraping of Loox review data on page, auto import to local device, cancel anytime.

Local Loox Review Search

Search & Filters & Sort

Local review search & filters & sort to help organize existing product reviews.

Rich Review Export options

Rich Review Export Options

Rich export options, supporting various common table formats such as csv, excel, html, and allowing you to specify the data format and data quantity of the exported file.


How to open the review history data page?

There are two common solutions. One is to open the popup page of the plugin, and there is a square button next to the "Export Loox Reviews" button, which can be clicked to enter. If the plugin is analyzing the review data on the page, you can directly click the "View History" button. In addition, every time the review is fetched, a "View History" button will appear under the progress bar, and the Review History page will automatically open after the fetching is completed.

Where are these reviews history records stored? Is it secure?

These review history records are stored entirely in your browser, specifically on your local computer. So, even if you lose internet access, you can still use the search functionality.

How can I clear loox review history records?

You can clear these review history records anytime you want. In fact, the plugin has an automatic cleaning mechanism, which you can adjust in the options page of the plugin. In addition, you can also manually delete them.

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